University Courses

Senior citizens today are far more active than ever before. They are doing all those things that had to be put on hold to raise and provide for their families, including going back to college. With a number of options to choose from, like online college programs, community colleges or four-year college or university courses, senior citizens are reliving their youth as well as enriching their lives with education.

It is heartening to see a number of colleges in the United States where the college crowd is not limited to youngsters alone. And contrary to popular belief, senior citizens attending college along with younger people do not feel out of place at all! In fact, most elderly students on campus are very popular, and the younger lot likes listening to their life stories and shares a healthy rapport with them. Of course this completely depends on the senior citizen’s attitude and willingness to be a team player. Since most teachers and administrators on campus are almost of the same age, older students hardly feel as if they do not belong.

For those who are not willing to face the rigors of going to class everyday or are not fit enough to do so, there are a number of courses offered online. Some also offer what are known telecourses. Classes offered online are as well designed as physical ones, with all possible kinds of support, like study material, online tutors, exchange forums and help with assignments. While the student has to live without the benefit of personal interaction with his fellow students and teachers, he has the advantage of studying at his own pace.

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