Some Factors About University Courses

A system of training people to make them learn how to do a job that needs special skills is called an apprenticeship. The rules and regulations of apprenticeship and trainee-ship are different. Apprentice is the person who is learning some skills from the skilled person.

If you wish to be a qualified trade person then apprenticeship is the best option for you. There are various kinds of misconceptions about the apprenticeship. One of such misconception is that apprenticeship is for those people who are less academically able. But the fact is that students get hands on practical experience from an apprenticeship while studying in college or university for professional or academic qualification.

For more real and practical experience, apprenticeship is preferred. With the real world of work, you can understand whether the job is suitable for you or not. Therefore, you become wise in selecting right career option for you and feel the difference from just theoretical knowledge.

For the people who can’t afford university fees, apprenticeship is preferred for gaining better professional knowledge. This is pushed by government also to tackle unemployment problems. You can take advantage of the government run firms that offer hands knowledge.

University courses are theoretical and you can’t have enough and practical knowledge from that course. There are some universities that offer placement for 1 or 2 years and hence, in that case, you can get enough knowledge in the subject of your choice. Students who are not offered such opportunities can opt for the apprenticeship and get enough practical knowledge for earning.

If you are under training and your employer sells the business then your worries start as the new owner can even cancel your trainee-ship. But the case is not in the apprenticeship and the new employer must continue with your training. Mutual agreement is not required in the case of training but is a necessity with apprenticeship. Both the parties must be in agreement to cancel the contract.

Whether you go for training or apprenticeship the choice is yours. You can take advice from your family members, friends etc. for finding a better opportunity. Apprenticeship and training both can offer you the chance of earning while learning and hence, you can support yourself with such facility. The financial problem can never come in your way if you are given an opportunity to earn. Your selection among university courses, training and apprenticeship depends on you only but the option is going to be an asset of your CV. Hence, you need to be careful while making decision.

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